5 Wood Craft Ideas for DIY Enthusiasts

5 Wood Craft Ideas for DIY Enthusiasts

5 Wood Craft Ideas for DIY Enthusiasts

With many of us forced to spend the majority of our time at home during the COVID pandemic, it has become difficult for people to find new and engaging ways to spend their time. Rekindling your passion for an old hobby or picking up a new one has been a got to for many. Those that are proficient with home repairs have begun tackling those odd jobs that they just never go around to completing. The question is, what does a DIY enthusiast do once their list of odd jobs has been completed? Well, there are always fun and slightly challenging projects that can add some convenience, beauty, or both to your home.

Below we outline 5 wood craft ideas that are fun to complete and useful when finished.

Custom Wood Signs

Creating your own custom wood signs allows you to express yourself and showcase your wood crafting skills. There is an extensive collection of information regarding creating custom wood signs available online. Rustic signs are extremely popular, as you will find them everywhere from your local home decoration store to any big box department store. Making your own sign not only saves you the $90+ price tag, but allows you to customize the message as you see fit. You can use a “Welcome” sign by the front door, a “Family” sign in your living room, or incorporate your family’s name in a sign for your dining room. The possibilities are endless and constructing homemade signs out of wood you have laying around the garage can keep you busy for some time.

Long-Handled Caddy

You can never have too much storage space, and a wooden caddy is a great way to mix form and function. You can use the caddy to store items you need easy access to such as magazines, bills, and keys or you can use it as a decorative piece and add smaller decorative items such as decorative balls, pillows and statues inside. The high handle makes it a stand out piece, and depending on the overall size of your caddy you can place it on a shelf or have it sit on the floor.

Wooden Coat Rack

Another fun project for a DIY enthusiast is a wooden coat rack. You can make your coat rack as intricate or as simple of a project as you wish to take on. Our favourite design also happens to be extremely simple. All you need is a wood plank and several hooks. Finish your wood board with any paint or stain that fits your room’s decor. Nail or screw the hooks in a staggered pattern on to your plank, leaving about 5 inches of space in-between each one. Then lean the board against the wall, for extra security you can anchor the board to the wall. There you have it, a leaning coat rack that you can now hang your coats and hats on. 


Wooden benches are commonplace in people’s yards, and they are also a common DIY project. The great thing about building a bench is that there are many design options available. You can construct a simple bench that requires a moderate amount of time and skill or you can take on a project that will test your skills as an experienced carpenter. The difference really comes down to the details, for instance, you can choose to use a simple but joint to connect your different pieces or go for the more aesthetically pleasing and difficult half-blind dovetail.

Charcuterie Board

Curated charcuterie boards covered in delicious cured meats, smoked cheeses, and fresh fruits seem to be all the rage on social media right now. Building your own board to use with your personally curated feasts at home is a great project. The simple approach is to find an old, no longer used wooden cutting board to turn into your board, however, a nice piece of wood, a jigsaw, and a hand sander are all that’s needed to build your own from scratch.

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