How Do You Decorate With Wood Signs?

How Do You Decorate With Wood Signs?

How Do You Decorate With Wood Signs?

Home décor trends are constantly evolving, as new design ideas are brought to the forefront. Browsing home décor ideas online or walking through a home furnishings store, you are sure to notice a few common themes and trends. Custom wood signs are one of the trends that have been embraced by professional designers and individuals looking to improve their home design alike. Wood signs come in different designs, sizes, colours, textures, really the possibilities of are endless. However, there is such a thing as overdoing it with custom signs or a sign that may distract from the beauty of a room.

To help you make the most of your signs as décor, our team has put together these tips:

1. Keep it Simple

The purpose of your wood signs is to enhance your room’s décor, not to steal the show. Keep the sign design simple, and surround with items that will match well with each other. If your wood sign is quite large, or is intended as the focal point of the room, ensure the rest of the decor is simple so as not to detract from the sign. Finally, try not to overwhelm a room with too many signs, 1-3 complimenting signs at the most per room.

2. Create Groupings

If you have two or more similar custom wood signs, it would be best to group them together. The signs will complement each other and fill up any space nicely. They don’t need to be made of the same materials, or even designed by the same person or company to go well together, common themes will connect your signs. Try a milk and sugar sign above your coffee maker as a fun grouping.

3. Display on the Table

Another way to decorate your home with custom wood signs is to display them on a table or shelf versus hanging them on the wall. This is perfect placement for seasonal signs that will be switched out after a few days or weeks. When displayed on a table, your wood signs out of a different vibe, as they can be surrounded by decorative pieces that will enrich the sign.

4. Create Themes

Utilizing your custom sign as an anchor piece, you can create themes in various areas of your home by pairing with other décor items that have a matching theme. The milk and sugar sign example we used above is a perfect example of building a theme as they were located over your coffee machine. Having a family sign surrounded by family portraits is another popular theme.

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